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Student organization of University of Maribor

The Student Organization of the University of Maribor (ŠOUM) has been established in 1959 and is a part of Slovenian Student Union. ŠOUM is a professional community of students of the University of Maribor. It is organized on the basis of the Student Community Act, adopted in 1994, and takes care of student interest and extracurricular activities and conducts student policy in the field of education, social and economic status of students and international cooperation.

The Student Presidency of the Student Organization of the University of Maribor (ŠOUM) carries out part of the extracurricular and interest activities of the students and manages the student policy. It deals with issues in individual areas of student life and performs other activities. The Student Presidency is the executive body of the Student Organization of the University of Maribor. ŠOUM also has  organized professional services under the leadership of the Director, which take care of the implementation of professional tasks and provide support to the activities of the Student Union, Student Presidency, organizational units and some members of the ŠOUM Group.

Phone E-mail
+386 2 228 56 00

Department for international affairs ŠOUM

The Department for International Affairs is, besides promoting international mobilities to local students, also here to help international students coming to Maribor. We provide support with enrolling in the subsidised meal system. We also traditionally organized Welcome Parties, International Dinners and numerous other events for international students.

We have four main departments which cover different areas of student life that work on specific projects each year as a part of an annual working plan:

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