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Study in Maribor

If you wish to study in Maribor but don’t know where to start… we got you covered! Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that interest future students.

Feel free to check out our brochure ‘’Study in Maribor’’ which contains a lot of important information:

  • How to apply for faculty.
  • Documents you need for you residence permit.
  • Student meals and student accommodation.
  • Much more useful information!
Are there enough student events to keep me entertained?2023-03-14T09:22:48+01:00

Of course! Here in Maribor ŠOUM organizes different events for all students: parties, informative events, cultural evenings, charity events and lots of other interesting events!

What are student food coupons?2023-03-14T09:22:11+01:00

In Slovenia you get student food coupons every month! You can use them at selected restaurants and get a warm meal, soup, salad and sweet snack at an affordable price.

Do I have to learn Slovenian?2023-03-14T09:21:36+01:00

Most of the programs are taught in Slovenian, so it’s a good idea to try and learn the language. As a student you have many options for courses, while there are also web pages where you can start learning on your own.

Do I need a visa to study in Slovenia?2023-03-14T09:20:55+01:00

Citizens of EU, EEA and Switzerland have to obtain a residence registration certificate, while the others have to apply for a student residence permit. You can read more about this in the brochure.

Is studying in Slovenia free?2023-03-14T09:20:23+01:00

Undergraduate programs at most Universities are free for all full-time students from Slovenia, EU countries or countries with which Slovenia has a bilateral agreement (ex-Yu countries).

Check out our brochure below or download it here.

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